Student Volunteers

Philadelphia Flyers PowerPlay Student Volunteer Guidelines

The Philadelphia Flyers PowerPlay is a power wheelchair floor hockey team based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Power wheelchair floor hockey, more commonly known as powerhockey, is played by people who use power wheelchairs in their everyday lives. We have been providing this athletic opportunity since 2003. The Philadelphia Flyers PowerPlay won the United States Powerhockey Championship in 2013, and came in second place at the 2014 Powerhockey Cup, which saw them face the best powerhockey teams in North America. The Flyers PowerPlay plays their games at Neumann University in Aston, PA and the Greater Norristown Police Athletic League Center in Norristown, PA. We play twice a month.

Prospective Volunteer Protocol
Our protocol for prospective volunteers is as follows:

• The student’s class instructor is to email Jane Bunting, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Philadelphia Flyers PowerPlay, at  That email should include the names of the students and the dates being requested.

• No more than two (2) students per date are permitted.

• Once dates have been decided upon between the class instructor and the Volunteer Coordinator, the students will contact Jane with their name, phone number, and email address.

• Students should get their volunteer hour form (provided by their instructor) signed by a coach or another Flyers PowerPlay representative.

Volunteer Duties
Duties of volunteers are as follows:

• Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time to help with the following:
Setup of court borders and nets, working under the direction of equipment managers Bill Shipman and Rodger Laube.
Greet players as they arrive.
Help players remove their coats, set up sticks (following the instructions of the equipment managers), hand out colored pinnies (following the instructions of the coaches) and assist with attending to player needs as they arise.

• During gameplay, volunteers should rotate between team benches at the end of periods, interacting with players, discussing player’s individual needs, and facilitate social interaction.

• After the game, students are to assist in post-game wrap up by collecting pinnies, breaking down borders and removing nets, helping players remove their sticks, and helping players put on coats. Students are also encouraged to continue socializing with the players until they leave.

The Philadelphia Flyers PowerPlay, especially our coaches and players, look forward to having your students be part of our games as part of a meaningful and mutual learning experience.

If you have any questions or looking for more information about our student volunteer program, please refer to the contact page here.